Dear Hiring Manager:

I was interested to see your C# Developer posting on Monster and would like to learn more about this opportunity. I am very interested in applying for the position. As you will see from my resume, I have over 5 years of overall experience in IT field with 3 years of expertise in different aspects of .NET framework, using Visual C# and over 3 years of experience working with MS SQL Server, writing stored procedures, extended stored procedures, triggers and optimization of data bases.

As you requested, I am disclosing the minimum annual salary I would require to accept employment with your firm. This amount is $65K per year excluding benefits. This amount is based on my experience and the cost of living in the Ann Arbor area.

If it appears that my qualifications meet your needs, I will be happy to discuss my background in a personal meeting.

Sincerely Yours,

Joe Doe

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