There is a lot of competition in the job market. You deserve to have the best job you can find with your qualifications. How can you stand above all of the other applicants who want the job for which you are applying? Writing a great resume can help you get the job of your dreams, and beat out the competition. Here are some great tips for writing a job-winning resume.

Resumes don’t receive a lot of reading

All of the crucial information you need for your potential employer to see should be clearly stated at the beginning of the resume. Be honest about what you can do and about your experience. Showcase your decision making skills and leadership abilities. Do not, however, state that you have abilities or skills that you don’t have.

Have another person read your resume

A fresh pair of eyes can help improve the quality and content of your resume, as well as assure the spelling in it is correct. Your resume should use appropriate spelling and grammar. Proofread your resume, and then have someone else proofread your resume. You may even want to have a professional resume writer or proofreader take a look at your resume and give you suggestions for improvement. This service may be worth the money you spend if you get that dream job you desire.

Formatting is important

Be thorough in describing your assets and skills, but don’t be so wordy that you put your reader to sleep. Use plain typing fonts, and short paragraphs to keep your resume full of information, yet direct and to the point. Some people think bullets are a way of focusing information, while others find bullets detracting, so use your best judgment when using bullets on a resume. A resume that looks uncluttered and organized will also give the prospective employer the impression that you, too, are organized.

Resumes are being chosen by keywords and computers

Just like the Internet, resumes can be ranked and chosen by the number of specific keywords that a computer program finds when it scans a resume. Research your field and be sure to mention specific equipment, training and skills relevant to your desired job on your resume. In that way, if you resume is scanned by computer for specific words, your resume will contain just what the computer program and prospective employer is looking for in a new employee. Filling your resume with the right keywords is a great way to get an employer’s attention, and get an interview. At that point, you can meet the employer in person and sell yourself and your skills.

Resumes should all contain some basic, fundamental information that the employer needs to choose the right person for the job. First, your resume needs to specifically state the position for which you are applying. For this reason, you may need to customize a basic resume to fit each job for which you are applying. A well-focused resume helps the potential employer choose the right person for the job they need to have filled.

Secondly, state the job experience that you have that directly relates to the job you are seeking. Be sure to include information on specialized projects you worked on, leadership roles you had, problem solving skills you might have, and accurate reference information from previous employers. If you have had lots of job experience, list the jobs that you have had that directly relate to the job you are seeking in some specific way. If you are new to the job market, emphasize your educational experiences instead of your job experiences.

Education is a key

One section of your resume should be about your education as it relates to the job you are seeking. Be sure to list specific classes you took that enhance your ability to work for that specific employer. Mention awards and scholarships that you were given while you were in school.

You should also have a section of your resume that displays your technical skills and abilities. Only list the technology that you know how to use, and that relates directly to the job you want. Also list the equipment you can use to help your prospective employer get the job done. Being honest about your abilities will build the kind of trusting relationship you want with an employer.

Be visible to potential employers

Finally, get your resume out to the people who need to hire you. The Internet is an important way to get your resume out to the public. MySpace pages, job boards, and other networking tools are valuable tools to help you job hunt. Publications online and in print are also important ways to find a new job. There are many online employment agencies and job boards that offer employment. Posting your resume on a personal page like MySpace is a great way to network and find a job, as well.

Using these tips to write a great resume will help you share your abilities and skills with a potential employer. Networking online helps to get your name and resume out there for people to see. These ideas should help you find the job of your dreams.

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