You have worked hard for the last few years, and finally received your college degree. Finding a job that suits your education and skills is the next step. Creating an outstanding resume without a lot of job experience in your chosen field may seem like an impossible job, but it is not. Focus on the job you want and accentuating your positive assets will have you employed in a great job before you know it. Following a few simple steps will help you create a resume that puts you and your qualifications above the crowd.

The most important aspect of creating a resume for the recent graduate is to focus on the job you want. When you know just the job you want, create a resume that focuses in on the skills you have to do that job. If you have several variations on the type of job you would like to have, you will also need several variations on the resume you will need to get each different type of job. But start with one job focused resume. You can always base other resumes with other job focuses on this original resume Once you have decided on the focus of your resume, create a statement that summarizes a description of the job you want. Write for your target audience.

Many resumes are put together chronologically. The most recent job is listed first, then the job before that, and so on. But if you don’t have much job experience, you will want to write your resume emphasizing your education. List your degree, GPA, and any honors, scholarships or awards you may have received in school. Be sure to highlight any specific classes or other academic experiences that directly relate to the job you are seeking. Other activities that will impress a potential employer are special class projects you might have worked on, internships, student teaching or other work-related experiences that you have had that directly relate to your desired job. Include problem solving skills you used in your academic career, leadership roles you may have had while in school, and specific skills or equipment you may have used in your schooling that will directly relate to the job you are seeking.

You may have work experience that is not directly related to the job you are seeking. Emphasize aspects of that job that directly relates to the job you are seeking. Any awards you may have received as an employee will show that you take pride in any job you do. Employers are impressed with reliability, hard work, and leadership experience no matter what your previous job experience might be. But if your previous work doesn’t directly relate to the job you are applying for now, its best to stick to references to past employers that can vouch for your hard work, ability to learn a new job, and your general reliability.

Believe it or not, many employers who deal with hundreds of job resumes use computer software to help them weed out the irrelevant applications and find the most qualified applicants.

The computer software is designed to look for keywords in each application, just like a search engine looks for keywords in Internet searches. Do some research before writing your resume. Do certain phrases or words occur in advertisements for jobs similar to the job you want? Make a list of these words or phrases, and be sure they occur in your resume. Computer software will read these keywords and phrases, and your resume will be more apt to be chosen for an interview.

Just remember to emphasize your most positive educational features, display your work ethic and desire to work for that employer, and show the employer that you have just what he or she needs to help their business succeed. Using these tips will help you, the recent graduate, create the resume that will show off your skills and talents to their best potential

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