Quality function deployment is a quality tool which builds and deliver a quality product by focusing on the various business functions towards achieving a goal.

1. Derive top-level product requirements or technical characteristics from customer needs.

2. Develop product concepts to satisfy these requirements.

3. Evaluate product concepts to select most optimum (Concept Selection Matrix).

4. Partition system concept or architecture into subsystems or assemblies and flow-down higher- level requirements or technical characteristics to these subsystems or assemblies.

5. Derive lower-level product requirements (assembly or part characteristics) and specifications from subsystem/assembly requirements (Assembly/Part Deployment Matrix).

6. For critical assemblies or parts, flow-down lower-level product requirements (assembly or part characteristics) to process planning.

7. Determine manufacturing process steps to meet these assembly or part characteristics.

8. Based in these process steps, determine set-up requirements, process controls and quality controls to assure achievement of these critical assembly or part characteristics.

[SOURCE -www.npd-solutions.com/qfdsteps.htm ]

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