Here are the screening interview questions I recieved from Microsoft recruiter. She sent me MS Word doc template and asked to fill it in. Didn't find any clause asking to keep it confidential, so here it is:

Why are you considering looking at new opportunities?

What would be your ideal job?

What is your area of technical expertise?

Break down your typical day. (code/design/test/other)

What is your strongest programming language?

Describe your experience with C++, C# and XML?

Tell me about a time where you did something that was difficult from a technical perspective and it solved a problem.

What do you like about testing?

What types of testing have you done?

Have you written test automation? If so, what did you use to write the automation?

What is your experience with multi-threading?

Company where asked this question: Microsoft
Interviewed for position: SDE-T, Tester

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