Strategy Statement:

Care needs to be taken that you reflect confidence and a bit of pride in your work... without sounding boastful. The interviewer also wants to get a sense of your leadership skills.

Sample Response:

I decided that our summer academic program would benefit from being divided into two camps, one that was steered toward Liberal Arts and one that was focused exclusively on Math and Science. Not only did I see how the specialized emphasis would benefit both programs, but I was aware of newly-generated grant funds that were going to become available for these sorts of program developments.

In order to ‘sell’ my idea, I had to gather a positive consensus from Math and Science professionals at our institution, seek out letters of commitment from area high schools, convince our university’s office of development that the expansion would benefit the school... and then I had to get to work with the proposal itself! Through my initial efforts, a committee was formed in order to establish a Math and Science curriculum, incorporating a mission statement into the unique design of our program.

At the end of an 11-month process, our grant proposal was approved by the U.S. Dept. Of Education, and we had established a $550,000 program.

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