Strategy Statement:

The interviewer needs to know about your managerial talents and skills, but is also giving you the opportunity to tell a success story. Whenever given the opportunity to include a success story in a response, do it (but back it up with a philosophical statement that supports your story).

Sample Response:

I always look for the mutually agreeable solution, where both parties can walk away feeling that not only did they “win”, but they also exhibited the positive attribute of being willing to listen and compromise. In the workplace, it is essential that we are supportive of each other and sensitive to each other’s needs and desires. In coming up with a creative solution to a dispute between two resident-counselors, I found it necessary to make sure that each party understood the other’s perspective. One individual was decidedly more “hands-off” while the other was more “fuzzy” in the way they worked with their student groups. These differing perspectives, while both valid in their own right, dictated the manner in which the two individuals handled different situations. By coming to the realization that each approach was valid, and that (when combined) the outcome was even more effective and comprehensive, these two individuals wound-up teaming together on many occassions when working with their students.

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