Strategy Statement:

All jobs will require analytical abilities at one point in time, some more frequently than others. This could be anything from counting change to thinking your way through a problem. Most often in sales, though, it's a difficult customer. The interviewer is looking for your personal style, and seeing if it compliments those that we already have on the team. Remember, one way is not necessarily better than another for this, so be yourself.

Sample response:

I'm often one of those people that when they come across a problem, they take a step back and look at the problem, then look for an ideal solution. A recent example of this comes when moving into a new apartment and trying to fit the couch through the door. Instead of struggling with it at different angles like my father wanted to do, I grabbed a measuring tape and measured the dimensions. If we had continued to push and shove, we likely would have damaged the couch and door frame trying to get it in. It was 3 inches too big for the door. However, it was not too big for the screen door, so we took it around the outside and brought it in through the porch.

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