Strategy Statement:

The interviewer wants to know more about your managerial philosophies.

Sample Response:

I don’t like the divisiveness implied in the term “subordinate”. It creates walls rather than supporting a team/family concept. I take care in assigning tasks, making sure that I have right person for the right job. When communicating my expectations to the employee, I also make sure that they understand exactly why they were selected for the job.

A rather mundane task of researching and analyzing statistics regarding low-income population centers in rural Michigan was assigned to a student-employee who was majoring in Sociology (carrying a minor in Economics!). Helping prepare a USDA summer food grant, I asked for assistance from another student-employee who had experience working for the college’s food service. If I can connect people and tasks based on their background, education, and experience, I can also assume that they will give the project their all.

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