Strategy Statement:

The interviewer wants to know about both your communication and managerial skills.

Sample Response:

I generally favor face-to-face inner office communication, but there are times when information is important (or detailed) enough that employees need a hard-copy to review... and I need documented evidence that the information had been delivered. Changes in policy are a good example for when the use of written communication is imperative. One such change was our division’s exercising of a ‘flex’ schedule during the month of July.

The basis of the policy change was that those employees who chose to come in 60 minutes early could either leave 60 minutes early or finish their week at noon on Friday. The important point to get across was that once a employee decided what they were going to do, they had to stick with their decision. The policy change was such a success that the following year we incorporated the change to include the month of June as well.

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