Strategy Statement:

In today's world there are many things that just don't work anymore. The interviewer is looking for people that can think and work outside the box. Having an idea that's outside the box isn't good enough, but being able to work the novel ideas through is key.

Sample response: While working the customer service desk at a local box store, we had a customer return some merchandise. The normal routine is to take it back without question and give them store credit. However, I noticed something peculiar about the merchandise, like it had been chewed up or fed into a machine. Obviously, they had bought it, damaged the item, and brought it back within a week. In these cases, the interviewer is supposed to call the manager, but our manager on duty was out to lunch, and others were busy.

To stall, I pretended that the paperwork to fill out wasn't there at the desk. I informed them that I had to run to the office and grab the forms, but I'd be back in a jiff. While there, I called the security staff and filled them in, asking them what I should do. They had actually been looking for the individual for quite a while, so they took care of it. I was praised for my quick, out of the box thinking.

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