Strategy Statement:

Integrity is something that is important to every company at its core. How do you define integrity? How well do you show that integrity? In what ways do you show it? The interviewer is looking for these answers to see if they align with what will be generally expected of you by your superiors and the company mission and goals.

Sample response:

I think integrity is something that is instilled in us at a young age by our parents. I still remember when I was young and in Cub Scouts, integrity was a word that I didn't understand, even if it was part of the pledge. I had my first and most lasting impression of integrity when I was 8 years old and was fiddling with a pair of sunglasses in the store. My father walked off, and I ran to catch up to him, sunglasses still in hand. As he walked out of the store, I didn't even think about the sunglasses in my rush to keep up with him. It was after we got a few blocks from the store that I realized the glasses were still in my hand. I meekly confessed to the theft, and asked if I could return them. When I walked in, I handed them to the clerk and confessed my mistake as well.

Answers and Comments