Strategy Statement:

In any job you will be given sensitive matter from time to time. These could be a client's name and address, credit card info, company data or even a gossip you heard from a colleague. The interviewer is looking for your level of integrity as well as your ability to safeguard information.

For example, if you see someone stealing data, are you going to turn them in or handle it yourself? If you have control of data, how do you secure it from others?

Sample response:

Life is full of sensitive matters, no matter if you are at work or home. Regardless of where you encounter the situation, the first step is respect. You have to fully respect a person or situation.

For example, I worked with sensitive information while filing health records. I respected my position of safeguarding other's personal information and those I worked around.I never left the files open, made sure they were all in order, and put them back in their proper location for the nurses to find in a flash.

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