Strategy Statement:

With ever increasing globalization these days, sometimes accents and different phrasings between cultures can get in the way of getting a job completed the right way or on time. Sometimes miscommunications can even take place between people of the same culture who speak the same language so it’s important to learn from these miscommunications and be aware of future problem areas before they become important. The interviewer wants to know what you did about a miscommunication in your own life. Knowing how you handled a difficulty in communication can show character and emotional intelligence.

Sample response:

The company I was working for at the time was opening a new location in India and we had to train the new hires over internet meeting software on our current procedures and software. Because we were not familiar with their accents we did not understand many of their questions. Once they wrote the questions down, we understood what they meant and we could answer them. They also taught us about some of their Indian customs and we got to teach them some of ours, although explaining them was rather difficult at times. We talked slow and asked them if they understood what we were saying at each point of the discussion and they did the same for us.

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