Strategy Statement:

As you know, problems of any magnitude and variety pop up at any given time. However, you can anticipate and prevent these problems from being too bad. Pick a time when you anticipated a problem, then designed a preventative measure. Tell the interviewer how it worked and failed. Tell the interviewer what you'd do differently next time. The interviewer is looking for maturity in the face of potential problems, failure, and growth.

Sample response:

During my first week as a receptionist at a lawyer’s office, I noticed that I was having a hard time getting the filing done in the back room and hearing the phone at the front desk. They weren’t used to having a receptionist so they hadn’t foreseen this problem. I recommended a phone system that allowed a wireless handset to take to the file room with me so I didn’t miss a phone call. The phone company also offered to install a page button for clients who came in and were waiting at the desk that would ring the phone to let me know that someone was there. The new phone setup worked perfectly until the firm grew so much they actually needed two receptionists and the phone system was outdated.

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