Strategy Statement:

Multitasking is part of life, and especially so with a fast-paced work environment. How you handle the stresses of juggling tasks at work can tell the interviewer how efficient you are as well as your personality. The interviewer is looking for your solutions and methods as much as the interviewer is looking at your personality to make sure your style complements other employees.

Sample response:

As an office secretary, I was in charge of anything that happened when the clients walked in the door. I had to maintain a clean, organized space, file a range of paperwork, answer phones, and make sure the clients were not kept waiting. Many times initial impressions were the most important thing to keep clients coming back. Some days it was easy, but other days it was beyond hectic making sure everything ran smoothly. After the worst day I asked for a wireless phone so I could retrieve files or put them away while on the phone with a client, which helped. I also requested to come in 15 minutes earlier to vacuum, dust, water plants, or whatever else was needed to quickly prep the space before work officially began. These little things made a huge difference to my efficiency, and I was able to better provide a calm, organised atmosphere for the clients – even when madly multitasking.

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