Strategy Statement:

Do your standards for success match ours? How do you go about setting goals? Do they go overboard to the point where you might get distracted from the goals and missions of the company? Or, do you do just enough to get by? What about somewhere in the middle? The answer you give should reflect you and your standards for success but also align with the position you're applying for and all the responsibilities that go with it. Don't get caught up in the minutia, though. The interviewer isn't looking for obsessive behavior to promote the job.

Sample response:

Success is a complex idea that involves a personal and interpersonal aspect. For instance, if I am given the task of making a dessert for the company picnic, just finishing it can have a level of success. I have finished the appointed task. This may be good enough for the person putting together the picnic, giving it an interpersonal success. However, this does not necessarily mean that the dessert is a success. I would consider the dessert a success if it brought satisfaction and enjoyment to those that ate it. Only then would I consider it a complete success.

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