Strategy Statement:

How creative are you, and to what extent does that creativity apply to your workplace habits?

Sample Response:

Employees can be invigorated by creativity. It’s impact may be to get their own ‘juices’ flowing. I had a monthly staffing report to give (what had come to be recognized by staff as a rather mundane (though necessary) routine).

Because of special projects and an unyielding schedule, I was finding it difficult to schedule a time that I could commit to delivering this report. Recognizing that if I wavered it would add un-correctable credence to those who were cynical about the monthly report process, and also that the process itself could benefit from a little innovation and ‘spark’, I developed and produced a short video program presenting the information. Utilizing a script that allowed me to be creative (and have fun!), I prepared a report that was delivered despite a myriad of interruptions and snafues. The material was ‘delivered’ much to the appreciation of the staff.

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