Strategy Statement:

It is generally known that 'going to the source' is the most effective initial step in resolving a conflict. The interviewer is interested in hearing what sort of benefits you feel can be gained from such a strategy.

Sample Response:

I feel it is always best to first address the source of any conflict whenever possible. I believe that a majority of conflicts come as result of misunderstanding and /or mis-communication, and these issues are most quickly cleared-up when working directly with the individual involved. Although I am, by nature, rather non-confrontational, I find that by being direct, open and honest, not only is resolution most quickly achieved, but I feel better for having dealt with the problem. Once, when dealing with an issue regarding personal property, I realized that there was no tip-toeing around the subject. Initially, both I and the other individual were uncomfortable. When I had the opportunity to state my position, and then ask for feedback from the other individual, we realized that we had a common goal... the resolution of the issue. Once we established that we were both on the same page, we knew that we had to trust each other and each other’s efforts to reach that common goal. Seeing that trust facilitated our progress toward a resolution made that trust a lasting condition between us.

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