Strategy Statement:

How important is good judgement and logic in how you handle yourself in the workplace? Are you someone that applies independent reasoning to rour work, or do you just follow orders?

Sample Response:

The scientific method is a model of inquiry that can applied to many different scenarios. I find myself utilizing it whenever possible, for the method itself is logically organized. Working from observation, I form a hypothesis.

To validate the hypothesis I design tests, and from the result of those tests I develop a theory. I had a class where a group of students (always the same group) had a problem arriving to class on time. My hypothesis was that parking was an issue at the time that the class was scheduled to start.

Different tests that I incorporated into this inquiry involved asking those students who were always prompt at what time they arrived on campus. I also examined the college class schedule to see how many classes were blocked into the same time frame in that particular area of campus. Those students who arrived to class on time usually came to school 45 minutes early, and the area was heavily-booked during the time that my class was scheduled.

The solutions I proposed were either to switch the time of class (making a shift of 20 minutes one way or the other would make a difference, as other classes were dismissed right around that time), or switch the location to another area of campus. I proposed these alternatives to the class in order to see which choice they would favor, and then took their choice to the department chair. We switched locations, and the problem was eradicated

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