Strategy Statement:
The interviewer wants to know whether you are willing to step forward to promote your ideas and innovations, and how you go about it.

Sample Response:

Working in a job that we are committed to often leads to our establishing our own ‘vision’ for that organization. While developing our personal vision, I have found it beneficial to use co-workers and supervisors as sounding boards, not only so that I can profit from their input, but to also give others an opportunity to become familiar with my perspective.

Once that vision is recognized by others, the task of ‘pitching’ new ideas becomes much easier. Co-workers and supervisors have a sense of where I’m coming from, and (hopefully) can see the connection between my vision for the organization and any new innovations I might propose. I can’t expect everyone to accept my ideas, but (given the proper preparation and background knowledge) I can at least feel assured that they understand where I’m coming from.

In my efforts to incorporate a wellness component into an already-successful-enough education program, those around me already understood my personal philosophy regarding health and nutrition. They were aware of my perspective regarding obesity in teenagers. When I introduced the idea of a wellness component, no one was surprised. It was as though they all knew it was coming. The idea was accepted.

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