Strategy Statement:

The interviewer wants to know how you view success in those who work for you. The balance is between productivity and “everything else” (personal satisfaction, employee morale, health of the company/division, wellbeing, sense-of-worth, commitment to goals, etc.).

Sample Response:

I don’t know of any case where a successful, productive and effective employee was unhappy. If they weren’t successful, they wouldn’t be happy... and they wouldn’t be happy if they weren’t successful. One of the key things I begin to look for when evaluating co-workers and employees is their satisfaction. A person who hasn’t done well at a job is not going to feel very good about it. I feel that performance evaluations need to be developed individually, and with the cooperation, input, and feedback of the person being evaluated. The balance is maintained between their job description and what we both see as important to their success in a particular position. It is important that evaluations be performed annually, but ‘informal’ evaluations need to be available whenever an employee or employer might feel it’s necessary.

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