Strategy Statement:

Difficult people are a part of life, and sometimes you have to please them to keep their business or keep them from destroying the business. This is just part of good customer service, and customer service is provided by every member of the team in some way or another. Describe how you would deal with someone that is difficult. The interviewer is looking for personality as well as how you deal with adversity under pressure.

Sample response:

My final semester of my Bachelor’s degree I had a very difficult professor who was never happy with the quality of work turned in by anyone in the class and always demanded more. Halfway through the semester, I met with a couple of my classmates and we came up with some very specific questions about what he needed from us in the work and I requested a meeting with him in which I went over these questions. He offered to go over them in class if it would benefit everyone. Once we all understood what he was asking for, it was much easier to get better grades in his class. The same thing is true with a client or customer – you can’t give them what they need unless you stop to listen to what they are asking for.

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