Strategy Statement:

The interviewer wants to know that you place a priority on a balanced life. Although they need to know that you will be a committed and loyal employee, you are also able to manage that commitment.

Sample Response:

I am located right between the person who absolutely has to have a clean desk by the end of the day and the person who is first in line at the timeclock. My commitment is to the job (as it was to my schooling when I was a student), and my responsibility is to myself (and how well I am able to perform). One of the first steps I take, when given a new assignment or task, is to prioritize and organize.

By ‘building backward’ from the time/date that the work is due, I try to schedule my performance and activity benchmarks. Most often, I find that time allotments are appropriate. As a result, under normal circumstances, I put in a normal (and expected) amount of time with my work.

I understand that the unexpected can happen, and that these occurrences will no doubt effect the time-on-task, but through careful prioritizing and planning, even these ‘bumps’ can be taken into account without having to burn the midnight oil.

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