Strategy Statement:

This question is all about your integrity. Is it personal (and held close to the vest) or does it impact your work environment?

Sample Response:

Dishonesty cannot help but cause damage. Secrets, fibs, lying, slander, theft... all of these thinks take place in the workplace, because they are tolerated. Through our hesitation at confronting someone or something, we often to dismiss dishonesty... and trust that someone else will deal with it. Dishonesty needs to be spelled-out in policy, and policy needs to be adhered to. I have had two instances where students have plagiarized work and presented it as their own. The college had a policy that had to be followed, which (sensibly enough) encouraged that the teacher and student first try to resolve the situation together. When confronted with a student who refused to own-up to his deceit, the next level of policy/protocol had to be
instituted. If needed or necessary, we should be encouraged by the fact that our actions against dishonesty in the workplace are backed-up by policy.

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