Strategy Statement:

The employer wants to know how you work best. After all, what sort of job doesn’t at some point rely on a precision to detail? This, again, is an opportunity for a success story... just like every question when asked to give an example or “tell us about a time when...”

Sample Response:

I am very good at working with others, and have a good feel for delegation-of-tasks, team work, and other cooperative efforts... however, when it’s my name on a project, and my credibility is at stake, I can become very hands-on. I always make sure in advance that anyone else involved in whatever job or process it is that I’m working on knows what they can expect from me, and why. I rely on the expertise of others, but ultimately my faith needs to be in my own capabilities when my name (or job) is on the line.

In a very successful proposal development job, I regularly assigned research and writing tasks to others. Everyone operated knowing that I had the final say, and that I needed to be in control of the final-screening. I feel that as long as expectations are clearly stated, there is little chance for disagreement or mis-communication.

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