When you attend an interview, you need to overcome many tricky questions of the interviewer. And we all know that an interview is not the perfect place to think about the answer and waste time. You need to play a rapid fire round with your interviewer especially when you are asked about your personal life. In an interview you may come across this question “Tell me about a big choice you had to make in your life and outcome”. Well this sounds a bit tricky, right, because you will often wonder what points to focus on as a big choice that you have made.

In our day to day life, we face many challenges and of course, learn to overcome them. So which one will you quote as a big choice in your life? Well here are some points that can help you frame your answer in an acceptable way. First, it is important to practice this answer before you head on for the interview. Frame your answer in a lucid and comprehensible manner so that your interviewer understands what you are trying to say rather then making your interviewer feel “What!! Why!! How!!”

Secondly, it will be better if you make your big choice from your career. That means a turning point of your professional life and how you have dealt with it. Since your interview involves our professional career and your future, it is better state a few big choices you have made with respect to your career. Fourthly, explain how this big choice has helped you advance your career. Get into the details about how you benefited from this big choice and what the outcome was. This will help the interviewer understand how focused you are and how you learn from your own experiences which is very important for a person’s career growth. This quality of yours will definitely help the company in many ways if you do get selected.

Through this answer you can prove that how vital resource you can be if you get selected for this job. You can also discuss about the skills on which you had worked on for making the big choice, what were the complexities you have come across and how you have prevailed over by using your proficiency. This is an important point that you should highlight in you answer. But remember you should not exaggerate about yourself. The question is to know your big choice and how you have made it happen. It is not about how great you are for making it possible.

In an interview, always be yourself and do not pretend to be someone you are not. Everything that you say should be true and you should be able to prove it to your interviewer in every way possible. Remember an interviewer has the knack of bringing out the truth from a candidate.

Try not to be long-winded, instead, try to focus on your actual accomplishments and the steps you took to achieve them. Remember that in an interview, the interviewer wants to know whether you will be able to contribute something to the company and this is a great opportunity to prove that you can.

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