Strategy Statement:

Without exception, everyone disagrees with the boss on something or another at one point in time. When you disagree on a point or multiple points, how do you react? Do you let it go and go along with it? If you see a problem, do you describe the problem and try to fix it? Do you look for some sort of middle ground? Do you walk out?

Imagine a disagreement, and describe how you would react to it. The interviewer is looking for your personality here to get a sense of what kind of person you are, and if you are a good fit with the company.

Sample response:

I approach any disagreement, whether with a friend, colleague or boss, with what I hope is a rational outlook. People are bound to disagree on a great many things, but when it comes to disagreeing with the boss your job is potentially on the line. Thankfully, my bosses have also been rational and calm for the most part, and they invite ideas from others, including their underlings. Even if they weren't, I would have approached the discussion as just that, a discussion. I would have stated my side of things as calmly as possible with plenty of facts to support my view. In the end, though, the boss is the boss and has the final say on anything. This is something I keep in mind, and try to see how it benefits the company as a whole as well as how it affects me.

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