Strategy Statement:

The old adage goes, “you can't please all of the people all of the time.” Someone is bound to not like you eventually, or you not liking them. However, you might still find that you have to work with them to accomplish a task. The interviewer is looking for how you dealt with the situation, and what you learned from it. This shows us your personality, drive, and ability to work with difficult situations. So, the interviewer is looking for a level of maturity in dealing with potentially frustrating, difficult people while still getting the job done.

Sample response:

My colleague and I do not get along. I do not like him as a person, because he shows a bit of disrespect like he's better than us. However, he's my superior as well, so I hold my tongue. We had to work together for a very important catering event. It was for a very influential client that could bring in more business for the company or take them down with just a few words. This put him in a very tetchy mood because of stress, and he took it out of many of us workers. I constantly reminded my fellow waiters that this was an important day and he was under a lot of pressure to make sure everything went well. I lead my teammates in serving with charm and style when we interacted with the clients' guests to help make a better impression.

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