Strategy Statement:

Sometimes you have to be a leader, rather than a follower in life. This means showing initiative without prodding to accomplish a task. Tell the interviewer about a time that you showed initiative, what you did, and the outcome. Tell the interviewer how you learned from the situation. Include how you'd improve or change it for next time, if appropriate.

Sample response:

The last project I took that required a lot of initiative was for my son, a new Boy Scout member. Many of the kids talked about their badges, and how they could get them. The adults absorbed themselves in their phones and work while impatiently waiting for the meeting to be over. Hearing my son wistfully declare he wanted to earn his Eagle Badge in record time, I set forth a plan that involved a camping trip that could get him about a quarter of his badges in one weekend. This took a lot of planning, and even more help. I had to find, then delegate tasks to 12 adult volunteers of various categories, each with different specialties that they could share with the kids to help them get their badges in a short amount of time.

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