Strategy Statement:

The interviewer is interested in knowing how you are able to perform in a workplace where you are not the one who is ‘making the calls’. The typical workplace environment involves a tiered structure where there are those who make the decisions and those who perform the work. An entry level position most often assumes the role of the latter.

Sample Response:

I am a performer of tasks. As a new employee, I understand that many of my duties will be directed by those above me. These will undoubtedly involve changes, and as long as I understand how the changes are related to the betterment of the company/business/corporation, I am fully ‘on board’. I once worked for a corporation where one of my duties was to prepare the annual report. As a result of input from the overseeing board and members, the format for that report was changed significantly. Although this meant that I had to relearn the report-writing process, with my understanding that this change would mean that the report was more accessible and easy to read, I had no problem with the demands of that change.

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