Strategy Statement:

Tell your success story, but emphasize the “why” over the “what”.

Sample Response:

Because of my expertise and background interest, I was offered the opportunity to plan an annual weekend-long traditional music series of workshops. I had been involved in behind-the-scenes work related to the project for more than five years, and had generally come away from the experience feeling that I could do it better if given the chance to lead.

I feel that it was the level of my interest in the project that differentiated me from the former project leader, and (making sure that the former leader understood that they were going to be utilized as a resource when re-tooling the project) this differentiation was introduced early on in a way that not only highlighted my qualifications but also honored the work and accomplishments of my predecessor.

I had benefitted greatly from being behind-the-scenes for so many years, and had an experiential understanding of the entire scope of the project. The resulting effort was one that incorporated past-successes as well as creative innovation, and represented a new direction for the then-30-year-old series. The workshop program garnered official recognition from the State Department of Arts and Culture.

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