Strategy Statement:

The interviewer wants three because there are many of things that can make you an effective, valued worker. However, the interviewer wants to know what three you see as the most important qualities that shine through.

Answer this with what qualities you think are best. This lets us know how you will look at our current staff and how you will fit in. On top of this, it lets us know your personality and what you expect out of others.

Sample response:

I have often been told by my colleagues that I'm a kind, considerate person. However, I do not think this is what makes me an effective, valued co-worker. I think my desire to see the whole picture and find my personal role in it does. Without being able to see what my role is, I do not know how I can be most efficient at the tasks that matter most. If I have to put together a presentation for my colleagues, that is my task. But what are they to get out of it? What's the message I should drive home? When I know my role, I can answer these questions and make the most out of even the most mundane tasks.

Answers and Comments