Strategy Statement:

What the interviewer is looking for here is your personality, and how you interact with people. Look to describe both the good and the neutral, as that is what most everyday situations are like. Think it's mundane? How do you make your job seem more positive? The interviewer doesn’t want false, the interviewer wants truth.

Take into consideration if you have any personal obstacles. Are you naturally shy? Afraid of talking on the phone? Tell the interviewer about it and how you overcame it.

The interviewer is also looking for a personality that fits the team, the company mission, as well as overall goals of the position the interviewer is trying to fill.

Sample response:

Interacting with customers on the phone is something that has not been natural for me. At first, I could not read their voice, so I could not tell their mood. It made handling their questions difficult.

I admit it started out badly with customers yelling at me to get their point across. To overcome this, I asked lots of questions to make sure I understood their individual situation. This helped them feel valued, and I was able to do a lot more for them. This gives excellent customer service, which is good for the company image as well.

Answers and Comments