Strategy Statement:

This question is designed to let the interviewer know what you think of as difficult, and why you think it was that way. The interviewer is looking for what the type of work was and how you overcame the difficulty. They are looking for how you handle things, and your level of competence in dealing with challenges.

Sample response:

The most difficult assignment I had to fulfill was one that challenged me emotionally and intellectually. I was given the task of working with a new set of clients, which under most circumstances would not have been challenging. Except, as an intern, I was just learning the finesse and skills it took to approach their particular problem in the industry. I admit that I was always on edge, studying and trying to stay one step ahead.

This constant studying took a toll on my personal life as I put more and more responsibilities upon my wife and neglected fixing things around the house. It put a strain on our marriage, to say the least. However, despite both parts of the challenge, I came out on the other end wiser about how to balance home with work and keep the two separated during more challenging times ahead.

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