Strategy Statement:

The interviewer wants to know what populations you have had troubles dealing with. The answer needs to be framed in a positive manner, highlighting the benefits that can be gained from challenges.

Sample Response:

One of the greatest challenges I ever had to face was when I was addressing an audience made-up entirely of people representing a different ethnic background from mine. Our common task was to develop guidelines for a national education program. These guidelines were going to form the basis from which the US Department of Education formed a new series of Math & Science camps for disadvantaged youth. I felt that there were those who looked at me and thought, “What does this guy know about being disadvantaged?”, and my approach was to be open and honest about what I was sensing and incorporate that (with a bit of self-deprecating humor) into my initial presentation. With the issue ‘out on the table’, there was a tremendous relief in the room and we were able to get down to business.

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