What was your biggest mistake in hiring someone? What happened? How did you deal with the situation?

Strategy Statement:

No matter the error, the most important thing to emphasize is that you learned something from the mistake.

Sample Response:

My biggest mistake was in hiring a friend (placing our relationship over their qualifications). I knew that whoever it was that I was going to hire was going to have to be someone I could get along with, and I felt that I was going to make things easier for myself by bringing in someone that I already was getting along with. There is no disputing the fact that in the workplace we all need to get along as though we are friends. However, by incorporating out-of-the-workplace friendships into a workplace environment, the social chemistry of that workplace is compromised.

We treat friends differently, and feel that the personal connection is somehow violated when that treatment changes in the workplace. As a result, I was displeased with the individual’s capability to handle the work, and risked losing a personal friendship.

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