Strategy Statement:

The interviewer wants to know how you would handle (and have handled) the inevitable. This is not the time for an “I try to get along with everyone/I’m a people person” type statement, but to clarify a personal management approach.

Sample Response:

I have found that disagreements are often rooted in misunderstanding and mis-communication. Often, when I ask for clarification, I am then able to better-understand the purpose and reasoning behind management decisions or statements. As a result, instead of having a disagreement I may only harbor a difference of opinion. As long as I can appreciate management’s perspective that they feel their opinion is for the good-of-the-order, whether or not I share their opinion is of secondary importance.

I had a manager that once asked me to write out my own annual evaluation, that they would then review and sign. I felt that this was inappropriate and reflected a poor management style. I ultimately came to realize that my supervisor was implying that they had an absolute trust in me and respected my integrity and initiative. Given that perspective, writing my own evaluation became a project for me to perform.

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