Strategy Statement:

Understanding performance indicators and your role in obtaining key ones helps to further the company's goals and missions. The interviewer is looking for the idea that you understand what these performance factors are and how your roles in the past and present contribute to obtaining them and moving the company forward.

The interviewer is also looking for how you would support your role and meet these performance indicators in your role or any other role which you may have the chance of doing. This shows us that you're a team player that genuinely cares about the company and that you really want to work here.

Sample response:

KPI have not regularly been part of my work as an underling, but I have had some experience with them from a general employee standpoint. We always have to be cognizant of how many customers we serve – but we have to be even more aware of how many customers leave happy and are likely to return. We also have to be aware of increased sales, but only in a rudimentary way. Most of the time we have no control over adverts and things like that. All we can do is make sure the customers are happy so they come back and purchase more.

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