Strategy Statement:

The employer wouldn’t ask this question if they didn’t feel that verbal communication skills were important. The interviewer needs to assess that you are ‘on board’ with that perspective.

Sample Response:

Communication is two-way. Verbal communication involves both speaking and listening. The most effective strategy for improving these skills is to practice, practice, practice. The way to m ake sure people are going to pay attention to what you have to say is to also make sure that what you have to say is of some relevance to your staff/audience.

As I address individuals and groups, I find that my skills are enhanced when I see that people are actually paying attention. So, through planning and preparation I increase interest, which then enhances my abilities. The best research method I know of to ensure that I have a good sense of what is important or relevant is to listen to what people are saying. I keep notes on trends and topics that I hear about when in conversation, and pay attention to the concerns of those I work with.

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