Strategy Statement:

The interviewer is going to be interested in hearing your philosophy behind what makes a successful call.

Sample Response:

I have had the benefit of being on both sides of the counter, not only as a salesman, but as a business owner. From the latter, I learned a tremendous amount regarding the former. As a business owner, I found myself impatient and unresponsive to those salespeople who were not prepared. I would only start listening when it became apparent to me that the proposal had involved some homework.

Another ‘deal-breaker’ situation would come up when I sensed that the salesperson had no genuine desire in knowing what I felt. There is no benefit to be gained from shoving a ‘greatest thing since sliced bread’ proposal in front of a person. Using my experience as a business owner, I now know that the best way to prepare is to PREPARE. Preparation means research. It involves time and (sometimes) HARD work.

If you have a product or service that you would like to offer a business/individual, you need to be sure that your product/service has an actual, relevant, connection to the business. If there is no connection, then you (as a salesperson) are barking up the wrong tree. It would be very tough to encourage a Christian bookstore to advertise on the menu at a local tavern. The connection is very difficult to establish, and the benefits to be gained would be hard to describe.
I also need to keep in mind that my potential client is most comfortable when they are able to tell me their own success stories, and the conversation I have needs to keep that opportunity in mind.

I need to know what the right questions are for me to ask, and to also make sure that my client feels that I am invested enough to pay attention to what they have to say.

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