Strategy Statement:

The employer wants to assess your philosophy on what it is that actually makes a client angry, and to highlight what you perceive as your role in taking care of the problem. Again, since asked for a specific example, this is an opportunity for a success story.

Sample Response:

A customer or client has one valid reason for becoming angry. Somewhere along the line, their needs were not being met. In the ‘diffusing process’ those needs have to be clearly expressed and addressed. My role is to facilitate that process.

I was once called to the Superintendent's office in order to face the parents of one of my students. The claim was that they were angry because their daughter was earning a “C”. The Superintendent trusted me enough to face these dissatisfied parents. It became clear that the real unmet need was that their daughter would not be allowed to continue with an extra-curricular pursuit if she had a “C” on her report card. The recommendation was made that the student should employ better time-management strategies so that her extra-curricular activities did not pull her away from her academics. A homework completion check-off plan was instituted that involved the parents, and the student’s schoolwork improved (as did her grade).

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