Strategy Statement:

This is a leadership & managerial question. The interviewer wants to know not only how you lead, but in what regard you hold those who are under your supervision.

Sample Response:

I don’t like the term subordinates. It creates too much of a divide between myself and those people I am supposed to lead. Since leadership needs to be initiated with an environment of respect, I try to emphasize a team perspective (where all are working toward a common goal, and where each relies on each).

One good method to keep channels open is to institute a beginning of the week ‘whole-team’ meeting that emphasizes both duties for the week for to come as well as time for input from the team for the week we have just been through. This is an effective environment for “big picture” agendas, and needs to be followed-up with smaller personal and/or divisional detail-oriented conversations throughout the week.

Although I have found it best if these are regularly scheduled, and that no one feels pressured by surprise ‘drop-in’ visits, the team also needs to operate in assurance that whenever there is a question or issue that my door is always open.

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