Strategy Statement:

We would define underperforming employees as a staff member who has a detrimental effect on productivity, morale or deliverables of the group. Under performing employees are risks for the company and the business. This is a change to prove your management experience and leadership skills.

The framework for addressing the problem of an underperforming employee should already exist in your organization and you should keep close contact with your HR representative regarding the case. The actions should be taken to help employee perform to the required standard, rather than to dismiss them.

By the law, the employer must ensure that the employee:

First, understands what is expected of them

Second, understands in which areas they are not performing to the required standard

Third, is given appropriate training and support

Fourth, is given sufficient time to improve

Employee must be issued with appropriate written warnings and they have the rights to notice and representation.

Also, the best way to avoid having underperforming employees in your group or company is not to hire them in the first place. As part of the answer you can mention your hiring process and selection methodology.

Sample Response:

I identify the strengths, the areas of expertise, which each person brings to the task and I take my selection process and interviewing really seriously.

However, the problem of having underperforming team members occasionally arise. My policy is to be open and upfront. I clearly define what is expected from every of my reports and how do I measure their performance.

If I see someone lagging behind, I am trying to understand the problem and propose the solution in form of training, coaching or work reassignment. I ensure that employee get fair amount of time to correct his or her actions and improve.

If this doesn’t work and I strongly feel that employee doesn’t have room for improvement I do engage with our HR department to follow company procedure for managing underperforming personnel.

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