Strategy Statement:

There is little room for emotional responses in the workplace. The interviewer wants to know how you might keep that from happening.

Sample Response:

The smartest thing I can do when initially dealing with an upsetting issue is to disengage my emotional response. Although my emotional response might be the truest depiction of how I feel about an issue, I know that it often suffers from not allowing a fully logical or rationale perspective. Often when I find myself in the throes of an emotional response, I find myself thinking, “... but I don’t care about what they think!” Obviously, that is no perspective to introduce into a potentially upsetting situation. In a matter regarding a personal property issue, I benefitted from taking “time off” to cool down and clearly list my concerns. By referring to this list when working out a compromise, I was able to disengage my emotional processing. The two of us then also had a working document to refer to in seeking a resolution to our situation.

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