Strategy Statement:

The interviewer is interested in knowing how you feel about trainings and workshops, and whether you see yourself as someone who could take-on the task of being involved with professional development.

Sample Response:

Workshop and/or training feedback and assessment is critically important, and not because it tells you how well you’ve done! Feedback and assessment tells you what you need to do to enhance and improve your presentation. I design each feedback tool specifically for the training I have presented, and make sure that participants understand where I see the real value of their assessment. Over the course of five years, I developed a training program for project directors. The training focused on the development of a wellness component in each director’s program. Through careful evaluation of feedback that I received, I was able to re-tool the presentation to incorporate things that others felt were important or needed to be emphasized At the end of five years, the wellness component presentation bore only a slight resemblance to the way it had begun. I wasn’t surprised at the changes, except for the fact that it had been made 70% shorter!

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