Tell us about your most difficult sales experience.

Strategy Statement:

Whenever possible, turn these questions into ‘positives’. For this particular question, the work might have been difficult, but the results should be positive.

Sample Response:

My most difficult experience was only made that way because of the amount of work I put into preparing for the experience. There was a new and innovative business that had established itself.

I personally loved the products and services that the owners were bringing to our community, and I wanted to see their business take deep roots and succeed. I determined that there were two things working against the business... the fact that they were new and innovative and that the owners were from out-of-state. When I first approached the business owners, it was without a file in my hand. I introduced myself, first, as a resident who was genuinely interested in making sure their business succeeded (as they were offering a product/service that I saw as beneficial to our community).

I then mentioned that I wanted to learn more about their vision (and what they saw as the big picture). After a solid half-hour conversation, I told the owners of my other motive/agenda, and that I might be able to assist them in coming up with a strategy that addressed both the community’s understanding of what it was they were doing as well as that community’s getting to know the owners better. As a result, the owners established a monthly workshop and presentation series where they were able to explain and teach about their service, and they also established a connection with the area’s community foundation (to which they became very active as advocates and donors).

I don’t believe I made a dime from my work, but the business is still in existence (and thriving), and our community has benefitted greatly.

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