Strategy Statement:

This question is usually not appropriate to discuss during the interview process. However, in some cases it might come up in the first or even second interview. The interviewer is looking for a match in your thought process with what industry standards are, your skill level, and what the company can afford. The interviewer is also looking for flexibility for higher level management jobs, such as a balance of equity and salary.

When discussing this, use discretion mixed with openness. The interviewer is looking for a level of understanding as well as a lack of entitlement. However, if you have certain needs, such relocation expenses, you may wish to be frank. There may be certain allowances for those sorts of one-time expenses.

Sample response:

I've not had much experience directly with being a secretary, but I have had experience in all the skills required for doing each task related to the job. I can multitask, keep client files orderly, be pleasant on the phone to even the most aggressive client, and maintain a professional, yet friendly atmosphere to the office. I would expect the minimum salary. What is the budget for the position?

Answers and Comments