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1.Answer quickly. Anyone would want their call to be answered quickly, as well as have their question answered/problem resolved in minimal time.

2.Have a great attitude. Show that you genuinely care. Customers are most satisfied when they speak with a phone rep who is courteous, polite, friendly, and professional.

3.Treat customers with respect. Most customers are calling because they have a question that they couldn’t figure out the answer to themselves.

4.Take responsibility for the outcome of the call. Customers are most satisfied when they don’t get bounced around from one agent to another.

5.Be knowledgeable on your subject. Make sure you are able to answer most questions or get to the information quickly.

6.Be a good listener. Listening to customers helps them feel they can trust you and your company.

7.Follow up. If you say you will do something, do it, then let the customer know you did it. Customers seem to appreciate someone who follows through and follows up to make sure all is OK (when appropriate). It is amazing how many people miss this one!

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