You are playing a roulette game in a casino. But unlike a normal wheel, you are lucky enough to stumble upon a promotional wheel that has been set-up differently. A standard wheel has eighteen black, eighteen red, and one green space (though some have two green spaces).

There are still thirty-seven spaces on the wheel, but
- There are four spaces marked Red-18 (the three extra spaces replacing three Black numbers)
- There are three spaces marked Red-14 (the two extra spaces replacing two Black numbers)

See image below for details.

You have a starting bankroll of $1000, and are allowed to play for twenty spins.

You are only allowed to place one of these types of bets:

- `Any single number (including R-18, R-14, G-0), which pays off at 35-1.
- Red or Black, which pays off at 1-1.
- You are allowed to place a bet for any amount (up to your current bankroll)
- You are allowed to place multiple bets on the same spin
- You can use any winnings for future bets (i.e. if you bet $1000 on ?Red? on spin one, and win, you now can place up to $2000 worth of bets on spin two.)

What is your strategy to maximize winnings?

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